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Written below are several ideas on how you can give a CRAP to your associates.  

  1. Write a note.  Sit down, grab some stationary (bonus if it is work stationary) and write a note of appreciation to an employee.  Pick someone who works close to you.

  2. CRAP Clean Up.  Highlight someone with a written note who is great at keeping their area clean.

  3. CRAP face to face.  At least once today, instead of replying to an email, get off your butt and find the person.  Discuss what was in the email and then tell them that you are grateful for all that they do.

  4. Going the Distance.  Pick someone who has gone the extra mile recently.  Send an email to this person, specifically thanking them for their work.  CC the rest of the team. 

  5. Display the Dependable.  Choose one person who is especially dependable or has shown dependability in a recent project.  Take their picture and make a post on social media about the person and how they've been dependable.

  6. Funny CRAP.  Choose the person who seems to light up the team with humor and fun.  During the team meet (or in an email), showcase this person and thank them for helping the team not take things too seriously.

  7. CRAP you can trust.  Be on the lookout for someone who you'd trust with your life.  Once you've found the person, give them a bottle of glue or a roll of tape and write a note, telling them that trust is what holds the team together.

  8. Celebrate courage.  Pick one person who has shown courage recently.  Take a picture of them, print it out with the heading of "The Face of Courage," along with some details as to why you chose this person.  Post the pictures around the office.

  9. Send an email.  Although not as memorable as a hand-written note, an email of recognition can go a long ways.  Find someone who has gone a little above or beyond recently and script out an email to them.  Don't include anything in the email besides CRAP (no business here). 

  10. Make a Facebook Post.  Using your company or personal page, find a picture of someone, upload it to Facebook, and write something nice about them.

  11. CRAP in a meeting.  During a meeting, bring someone's name up who is in the meeting with you.  Share 2-3 things that you appreciate about this person.

  12. Get some coffee.  On your way into work today (or at lunch if you are already there) grab 2 cups of coffee: one for you and one for someone you want to give a CRAP to.  Hand it to them or leave it at their desk with a note saying, "Thanks for being you."

  13. Order food for lunch.  Identify a nearby resteraunt, and order some food for lunch.  Bring it to your whole team or share it with one individual.  During lunch have people go around and share one nice thing about each other.

  14. Timely CRAP.  Occasionally, time is worth more than money.  Take a look at your calendar for the next week.  Identify a meeting that doesn't really need to happen.  Cancel the meeting and tell those involved that due to their great work, you are giving them some time back. 

  15. Buy them a soda.  Using your sleuthing strategies, find out what the favorite kind of soda is of the person you want to give a CRAP to.  Go out and purchase a bottle of the soda and give it to them.  Tell them that they are "refreshing" to have around because they (fill in the blank). 

  16. Let them eat cake.  Fiind someone who accomplished something big lately.  Maybe they increased sales, fixed a major problem on the line, or saved a customer.  Order a cake with their name on it, bring it in and tell them how great of a job they did.  Bonus if you can get their picture on the cake. 

  17. Name them in the newsletter. If you have a newsletter, write up a short praise statement on someone from your team.  Ensure this is included when the newsletter goes out.  If you don't have a newsletter (you should), write up your statement and send it to the entire team/company.

  18. Get them a stash of pens.  Believe it or not, almost everyone has a favorite writing utensil.  Identify a team member that needs some CRAP, learn without them knowing what their favorite pen is and order a box of them from Amazon. 

  19. Get a gift card.  On your way home from work, pick up a gift card for an employee.  Present it to them the next day and tell them why they are such a "gift" to your team.

  20. Take them to lunch.  Be spontaneous today.  Randomly choose an employee (might even be a bad one), approach them, tell them that you'd like to take them to lunch today.  Go to a nearby resteraunt (fast food works) and do nothing but sit and talk with them. 

  21. Give 'em a raise.  Who really deserves a raise but would never ask for one.  Identify that person, and if it's in your control, give them a raise.  If it's not in your control, tell their/your boss why this person deserves a raise. 

  22. Make them better.  Do a little research to see if there is a conference or learning event coming up.  Choose a team member who has the most positive attitude and tell them that you'd like to send them to the conference.  Get them signed up.  If nothing is going on in your area, sign them up for an online course in something they like. 

  23. CRAP with a book.  Sure, not everyone likes to read, but they just might if you buy them a book.  Choose a broccoli book, one that might not taste great but is good for the mind.  It could be on self improvement or leadership.  Give the book to someone who you see a lot of potential in and explain to them the potential that you see.

  24. Ask for their advice.  One of the most powerful ways that we can tell someone that we value them is to ask for their input.  Identify a project or a decision that you have to make.  Approach the team mate, tell them that you value their opinion, explain the situation, and ask for their input. 

  25. Say "Thank You."   Express appreciation to all you come in contact with by using the simple phrase, "Thank you."  Say it sincerely to the cashier when getting coffee, to the receptionist, for the person who called you, and to everyone else you come in contact with. 

  26. Holiday CRAP. On a holiday, call one of your employees and tell them how much you appreciate them. 

  27. Focus on listening.  Choose one conversation today where you will focus 100% on the other person.  Remove all your distractions and get rid of anything that might interrupt you.  Square your shoulders to theirs, make great eye contact, and do one heck of a job listening.

  28. Be early.  Make it a point to be early to every meeting on your calendar.

  29. CRAP with flowers.  On your way to work or during a lunch break, stop off and get some flowers.  Give them to someone who has done something recently worthy of celebration. 

  30. Orchestrate a learning connection.  Choose someone from your team who needs to or would like to learn or deepen a skill.  Set up a meeting between this person and someone who is the known expert with this skill.  Allow them to learn from each other.

  31. Be available.  Today, make some time to be available.  Intentionally leave your office and walk out to the floor or working area with zero agenda.  Simply say hi, ask how people are doing, and let them ask you questions.  It doesn't have to be the whole day, but it should be at least 45 minutes.

  32. CRAP naturally.  Find someone who is naturally great at their job.  Verbally compliment them on how they use their natural strengths in their work.

  33. Improve a bad day.  Pay attention to all those around you and those you encounter (including on social media).  Who's having a bad day today?  Approach (or call) them and show your empathy towards them.

  34. Recommend an article.  Find an article that would be interesting to someone's hobbies or talents.  Send it to them and let them know how astonished you are of their talent. 

  35. Smile.  Make people think that you are up to something by smiling all day.  Intentionally make it a point to smile much more than you normally do…even if you're on the phone or a virtual meeting.

  36. CRAP with cookies.  Ok, it doesn't have to be cookies, but tonight make something that you can bring to work tomorrow.  Let your team know how much you appreciate working with every single one of them.

  37. Have a High Five Day.  In your day, ask at least three people what they've recently done that should deserve a high-five.  Listen closely and then give them a high-five.

  38. Solve a Problem.  You probably solve problems a lot.  Today purposefully solve a problem for someone.  If you can't directly see any problems, start asking people what their problems are until you find one you can solve today.

  39. Take a selfie.  Identify someone that you really enjoy working with.  Ask if you can take a selfie with them.  Explain to them how much you appreciate working with them and that you want a selfie with them to always remember them.

  40. CRAP 10 times.  Make a list of ten things you like about someone.  Write these down as a hand-written note or type it out in an email. 

  41. Call Someone.  At least once today, instead of replying to an email, call the person and have a voice-to-voice conversation with them.  Praise them for what they do.

  42. CRAP on a Post It.  Today show up to work earlier than the person you'd like to praise.  Find a Post It note, write out a nice message of praise and put it in their work area. 

  43. Give a Standing Ovation.  Identify someone that has done something significant lately.  Gather the whole team together, have a very short standing meeting, highlight the person and what they've done, then have everyone give them a round of applause. 

  44. Check in.  Choose someone who has recently been married, had a baby, lost a family member, bought a house, or has had some other major life event.  Take 10 minutes and check in with them.

  45. Find something interesting.  Choose one person today.  Ask them what a hobby or interest of theirs is.  Follow up with a few questions, then, on your own time, learn more about the hobby or interest.  Let them know what you learned the next day.

  46. CRAP with music.  Ask someone what their favorite music or playlist is.  If possible, use this as the background music in the work area.  If not, take some time today to personally listen to their type of music.

  47. Call your parents.  No matter your relationship, you're parents have helped you become who you are.  Give them a call today and tell them thank you!

  48. Hug someone.  Choose someone to hug.  Tell them that you recognize the great work that they have done.  This might not be for everyone, so if it's not for you, changing hugging to shaking someone's hand. 

  49. CRAP on someone new.  Pick out your newest employee.  Tell them the three characteristics they have that help make them a great team player. 

  50. Notice the Unnoticed.  Today your task is to give a CRAP to someone who's job rarely gets noticed.  Maybe it’s the receptionists, the admin assistant, the parking attendant, the security guard, or the custodian. 

  51. Give friendly CRAP.  Reach out to a close friend today.  Let them know how much your relationship has meant to you.

  52. Upgrade the office.  Give your team a small allowance for some desk or work area upgrades.  It can be a small allowance for new hex wrenches or staplers, or something larger like a new chair or standing desk. 

  53. CRAP locally.  Surprise your team by brining in some local goodies.  It could be a breakfast treat, a lunch, or something to keep the energy going later in the day. 

  54. Give time for passion.  Choose one employee today who has show some creativity lately.  Tell that employee that they can have ___ hours next week to work on whatever project they have passion for.  It might be a 5S thing such as organizing or shining, or it could be a new design, idea for an innovative project, or something exciting for the break room. 

  55. Highlight an employee.  In your conversations with senior leaders or in a big meeting, highlight one of your employees and the good work that she has been doing.  They don't have to be present, but if they are not be sure to tell them about it later.

  56. Ask for CRAP.  Today, instead of giving CRAP, ask for it.  Make it a point to go around and ask at least 3 people how they like to be appreciated or praised.  Take note and give them a CRAP later in the way they shared.

  57. Frozen CRAP.  During your lunch break, pick up some ice cream treats.  Take one to each person on your team and tell them what you appreciate about them.

  58. Plan birthday greetings.  Today is more about planning for the future than doing something presently.  Get a list of all the birthdays for your team.  Put a repeating event into your calendar, marking the birthday of each of your team members.  Set it up so that you get a reminder the day before and then be sure you recognize every person on their birthday with a note, a gift, or a congrats.

  59. Cheers from Peers.  Today, go around and ask other team members nice things they could say about one specific employee.  Gather together a handful of comments, write them down, and then deliver this to the said employee.

  60. Send a CRAPy text.  Identify someone who has contributed a good idea recently.  Send them a text telling them thank you. 

  61. Company CRAP.  Choose someone who needs a lift today and give them some company swag.  Tell them what you like about their personality. 

  62. CRAP at Home.  Today, call the spouse/significant other of an employee.  List 5 reasons why you would hire this person again if given the opportunity. 

  63. CRAP in a Meeting .  During a meeting today, don't roadblock.  Instead, support or encourage every idea suggested. 

  64. Ask 2B4.  Before making a decision today, get the input of 2 others by asking them what they think about your idea.

  65. CRAP in a box.  Make a box where employees can submit their CRAP about others on the team.  Open the box once a week during a team meeting and read the notes. 

  66. Do the Daily.  Today, go to an employee and ask three questions 1) What is going well? 2) What is not going well? 3) How can I help?

  67. Get CIQ.  CIQ means continuous improvement questions.  Find an employee you trust today and ask him or her, "On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think I am doing at ____?"  Listen closely and take notes.  Then ask, "What can I do to make it a 10?"

  68. Say "Ouch."  Listen carefully to conversations today.  When you hear someone badmouth another that is not present, speak up and say "Ouch."

  69. CRAP Overtime.  Find someone who pulls overtime without complaint.  Write them a note thanking them for their dedication. 

  70. CRAP for the CRAPer.  Today, identiify the person on your team who is best at giving a CRAP to others.  Buy them a gift and tell them how important their appreciation for others is for the team. 

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