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The Uncommon Leadership Series

Today's workers are sick and tired of average leaders.  They want something more.  They need something more.  They need you and they need you to be UNCOMMON in your approach to leadership.  Uncommon leaders think and act differently and The Uncommon Leadership series will teach you how. 

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

Book #1:
Uncommon Care: how to
influence by giving a CRAP

We all know the saying: "I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care."  When it comes to leadership, this is 100% true.  Without care, people will do what you tell them—but this action is based on responsibility or fear and the moment your back is turned, they will do whatever they want to do. 


If you don't lead with care, you'll get three things from your people: mediocre results, momentary change, and minimal effort.  My guess is that you'd prefer to have more. 

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

By starting with the heart, you open the door to trust which allows people to follow you because they want to, not because they have to.  This book will teach you not only how to care, but how to do it in such a way that you stand out, that you become seen as a leader who shows uncommon care always.  Move beyond the regular role of a leader and start giving a CRAP about your employees. 


  • Grow your care for others

  • Become intentional in showing your care

  • Increase trust

  • Regularly give a CRAP (Celebration, Recognition, Appreciation, Praise)

Book #2:
Uncommon Connection: creating
real influence through personal connections

Most people get into leadership when they are given a leadership title.  With a title, some may think that they have all they need to lead.  This is a terrible mistake.  Just because you have a title, it doesn't mean that you are leader.  No. 


Leaders often start with a title, but for them to effectively lead they must also gain the permission to lead from their team.  If you want to get the permission to lead from your team, the shortest distance to do so is to connect on a personal level with each team member.  

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

This means finding out what your team member dreams about, sings about, and cries about.  It means asking smart questions that cause people to think and then listening intently to their responses.  It means being curious, spending time with your people, and even having a little fun with them.  You see, most people communicate but few actually connect.  Become an uncommon leader by making an uncommon connection.


  • Ask smart questions

  • Increase your ability to listen

  • Improve communication

  • Gain permission to lead

Book #3:
Uncommon Collaboration: influencing
the growth in others

Generally speaking, most leaders spend a mere 7 percent of their time developing their people.  How much do you spend?  When you make developing your people your number one priority, your people get better, your life gets easier, and productivity goes up — way up. 

Unfortunately, if you are like most leaders, you fall into two traps that stop you from developing others.  First, you believe that you have to have all the answers.  Second, you believe that you have to solve all of the problems.  

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

Your desire to be the answer may actually be the greatest roadblock to the growth of your people.  This book teaches you how to clear your plate, how to help your people solve their own problems, and you can properly empower your team.  Uncommon leaders recognize that the greatest joy in leading comes from collaborating on the growth and development of their team. 

  • Stop micromanaging

  • Delegate once and for all

  • Make failure OK

  • Coach for growth

Book #4:
Uncommon Courage: how doing
hard things gives you more influence 

Influence is derived from building strong relationships and taking courageous actions.  Without courage, you're simply a nice person.  With courage, you can make significant positive impacts in your organization and in your people's lives. 


You can be seen as someone who chooses to do the right thing, even though it is the scary thing . . . it just takes courage.  

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

This book will outline several steps and principles that you can follow to help you become a more courageous leader.  By gaining more confidence in taking action, strengthening your ability to have the difficult conversation, and being real with your people, you’ll stand out as a leader who shows uncommon courage. 


  • Take bold actions

  • Become more authentic

  • Successfully have the tough talk

  • Determine your core values

Start with one or buy all four

If you'd like to buy all four as a
box set, click the button below.  This will include 1 copy of each of the Uncommon Leadership books (4 books total) place in a nicely designed box. 

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*Kindle version not available yet

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Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker
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