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Uncommon Leadership Development

Influencing middle-level leaders to make an impact through multi-session training.

Most employees leave because they don't feel appreciated.

It's not the money, it's not the working hours, it's that they don't feel value from their immediate supervisor or manager.

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

Most middle-level leaders are frustrated because nobody ever taught them people skills

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

They were great technicians, working the press perfectly well or handling the clients better than most...then they got promoted.  They went from technician to people-leader and were not given the right tools.

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

Most HR directors want to do something, but don't have the time or the know-how.

It's unfair.  You want to help your middle-level leaders, but there are just too many things on your plate.  That's not right and you feel bad, but you're stuck.

Uncommon Leadership Development takes training off your shoulders and helps your middle-level leaders succeed

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer
Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer
Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

Reduce turnover

Create a people-centric culture

Impact employee growth

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer
Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

Increase the speed of change

Improve job satisfaction

Uncommon Leadership Development

  • 90-minute/half/full day sessions

  • 6-10 sessions (depending on your needs)

  • Practical and easy to use tools

  • Includes leadership assessment

  • Homework assigned and accountability established

  • Inter-session emails included

  • Handouts and worksheets provided

  • Certificate of completion for all participants

  • Covers content on the four components of influence (care, connection, collaboration, and courage)

  • Includes DISC personality profile assessment

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Make a Difference for Your Leaders 

1. Contact Jason

2. Schedule a Discovery Session

3. Get a Customized Training Plan

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

Ann, Owner Spherion Staffing

Jason provides a risk-free, open environment for ideas to flow freely.  I don't know how he does it, but each participant feels like they can express their ideas/concerns without fear, opening everyone up to new ideas.  We have hit some major milestones because of our work with Jason. 

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

McKenzie, Training  Manager, Innovance

Jason did a great job customizing training to our specific company and industry needs. He was extremely professional and personable and did an incredible job engaging our employees in the content.   I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to invest in their most important company resource – employees!

jason hunt testimonial

Troy, President Labelworks

Jason truly understands the middle-level leader.  He has an uncanny ability to connect, is always 100% prepared, and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our leaders.  His training is exactly what leaders need to move from great technician to amazing leader. 

jason hunt testimonial

Kevin, President
The Occasions Group

Jason is a consummate professional, an excellent facilitator, and adept at engaging with everyone.  Jason’s training sessions were not only relevant and applicable, they were always infused with fun and positivity.

Don't let your employees walk away!

A fun, interactive way to test your team's strengths.

The Leadership Game
Mastermind Training (1).png

A powerful, multi-session training method guaranteed to create growth.

Mastermind Training


A local epic day of leadership with some of the best speakers in the world.  

Live2Lead: Owatonna

Leadership game.png

Learn about each other and your organization through a fun and engaging game.

The Leadership Game


Learn your personality style and how you can more effectively interact with those around you. 


Personality Styles

Not ready to talk?

That's OK.  But don't let this stop you from developing your leaders.  Click below to get instant access to 11 strategies that can help YOU find the time to develop your middle-level leaders.  

Free Resource
"Finding Time: How to find the time to develop others."

Jason A Hunt Leadership Trainer

A must-have for every leader! 

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