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Jason Hunt's mission is to help you intentionally increase your influence and have a more significant impact in the lives of those around you. 
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It was the first part of my second year as principal of the middle school and I found myself hiding in a portable classroom, lights out, during the middle of a regular school day. 

I realized that I was leading through my title & not using the principles and practices of developing influence. 

I vowed right then and there to make it my mission to learn, practice and teach the principles of influence and I want to help you! 

7 Practices that make me different


I listen very carefully to understand your challenges.  I use my experience and the resources from the number one leadership development organization in the world to put together plans to help you solve your challenges. 

I believe that we (the people) are the greatest common factor in all challenges.  Therefore, I focus my training on the development of the person: building a great sense of integrity, working on relationships, communication, emotional intelligence and adding value to others.

I use my 15 years of educational background in schools to keep the trainings engaging and interactive for all participants.

The concepts and principles that I teach can be applied immediately - and I never leave a meeting without committing people to apply them in a personal way.

I am passionate, hard working and an eternal optimist, meaning that I will always be be 100% prepared for the trainings, that I will bring passion to you/your team and that I have the firm belief that everyone can grow, learn and achieve their dreams. 

Investing in my leadership training results in a stronger team, a more positive culture of belief in each other, better employee retention, and a significant increase in productivity.   







I love to have a great time and bring fun and humor to all that I do.  


"Spherion Staffing has been working on a regular basis with Jason for more than a two years, and we couldn't be happier with the direction he's provided our team. We enjoy his perspective. The tools and processes help us stay focused on what's important in business, and our team results have been awesome! We appreciate and highly recommend Jason for leadership and motivational training!"
                                                                                           Ann, Owner @ Spherion

Jason Hunt teaches people how to bring out the very best in others.  He is the founder of Eye Squared Leadership and he has had the pleasure of working with companies large and small, including FedEx, The Taylor Corporation, Bongards Creameries, Jack Links, and Pearson. 


Jason's first major leadership responsibility was to run a branch of 100 church members in outer Siberia when he was 19.  Since then, he has been in various leadership positions, including principal of a junior high where he turned around the culture of a school in only 2 years. 


Jason has a masters degree in leadership from the University of Minnesota, is certified by the John Maxwell Leadership Institute, and is the author of The Other Side: 5 Rules for Leading with Influence. 


He currently lives in Owatonna, with his wife and their four children.

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