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Reduce turnover, increase retention, love your job

makes a difference! 

Looking to inspire your audience AND help them make a bigger impact in this world???

Audiences today no longer want a "sit and get."  They want to be engaged, they want less philosophy, and they want more practical tools that they can start using immediately to make an impact in their work and personal lives. 
Jason A Hunt can deliver on these.  

Trusted By

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker


"Interactive.  Energizing.  Fun.  I could listen to Jason longer.  Please invite him back."

John- SHRM State Conference


"Jason completely understood our industry and our challenges." 

Marci - McAfee Customer Success Kickoff


"The most impactful speaker I've been to ever.  This is exactly what I needed."

Rebecca - Kentucky Public Health Association

Every audience member can make an impact through their influence.  They just have to be shown how

Jason A Hunt doesn't believe in fluff.  He approaches every speaking event as a special opportunity to help people recognize the influence they can have.  

Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker
Jason A Hunt Keynote Speaker
Jason A Hunt Keynote Leadership Speaker

Impact your audience 

Jason never leaves an audience without giving them relevant tools that can be applied immediately

Some believe you have to have stardom. 

Some believe you have to have a fancy title. 
Some believe no matter what they can't make a difference.

You can be the person who brings Jason in and shows them that they're wrong. Every one of us can make a difference through our influence.  

jason hunt speaks 2_edited.jpg

Influence your audience 

Jason A Hunt Keynote Speaker

20+ years of delivering content
23,000 participants impacted
700+ events
Untold ripple effect

Uncommon Leadership is not about your title or position.  It's about wanting to make a difference and developing the influence to do so.

And it all starts by Giving a CRAPTM

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Join the movement

Thousands are recognizing that they can become an Uncommon Leader by Celebrating, Recognizing, Appreciating, and Praising more.  

Help your audience Give a CRAPTM  about the people they lead


Your audience is too important to risk another "sit and get." 

Trust Jason to inspire, motivate, and provide tools that will help your audience make an impact through their influence. 

Help them become Uncommon Leaders! 

Book Jason Now

Once you complete this form, Jason will contact you within 24 hours.  Thanks for Giving a CRAP about your audience.

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