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Dare to Make a Difference

Dare to

Give a CRAP Jason A Hunt

C - Celebrate

R - Recognize

A - Appreciate

P - Praise


When  Leaders  Celebrate, Recognize, Appreciate, and Praise...

  • 63% of the employees are more likely to stay with the company (Harvard Business Review)

  • A sense of feeling valued is created which has a bigger impact on overall well-being than salary or benefits (American Psychological Association)

  • A positive workplace culture is created which is a competitive advantage in today's labor marketplace (Deloitte)

  • Employee Retention, productivity, innovation, health, reputation, trust, resilience, talent attraction, employee engagement, and overall organizational success all go up. 


When  Individuals  Celebrate, Recognize, Appreciate, and Praise...

  • More human connection is created

  • Mental and physical health improves

  • Relationships become stronger

  • Conflict resolution is easier

  • Empathy is developed

  • Resilience increases

  • People have a greater feeling of workplace satisfaction 

The World Needs More CRAP!

We live in a world lacking in care. 


Imagine if leaders, neighbors, children, spouses, organizations, co-workers, and everybody else intentionally chose to Celebrate, Recognize, Appreciate, or Praise at least one individual every single day! 

How to Give a CRAP

Most of us think that we show care, but do we really?  What likely is true is that we care but we don't find time to show it because we get busy.  It's time to change that.  It's time to become intentional in the way that we Celebrate, Recognize, Appreciate, and Praise.  

There are literally hundreds of ways to do this.  In fact, I've put together a list of 100 ways and a challenge that you can choose to accept below.  Here are my top 10: 

  1. Clean CRAP - Highlight someone with a written note who is great at keeping their area clean. 

  2. Dependable CRAP - Choose one person who you know you can rely on and thank them.

  3. CRAP Naturally - Find someone with a natural talent and tell them how you see them putting their strengths to work. 

  4. CRAPy Lunch - Arrange to take someone out to lunch and tell them what their influence has been on you. 

  5. CRAP in a Meeting - During a meeting today, bring someone's name up who is in the meeting with you and share 2-3 things that you appreciate about them.  

  6. Give Bossy CRAP - Find an opportunity to celebrate or praise your boss.

  7. CRAP with a Book - Purchase a book for someone and write in the cover what they mean to you. 

  8. CRAPy Listening - Take time to fully listen to another, removing all distractions. 

  9. CRAP Locally - Purchase some goodies from a local company and give them to someone you appreciate. 

  10. Phony CRAP - Using your phone, record a video of praise for someone and send it to them.  

Join the Give a CRAP movement! 

Join the movement by accepting the 100 day challenge.  Download the free pdf below and start your 100 day streak of intentionally giving a CRAP every single day!

Give a CRAP Jason A Hunt
Give a CRAP Jason A Hunt
Give a CRAP Jason A Hunt
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